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Aug 22, 2023

In this podcast episode, Carol Hamilton and Susan Kahan discuss the importance of donor trust and nonprofit accountability. They challenge misconceptions about fundraising, such as the focus on overhead costs and the belief that it is a necessary evil. They argue for reframing negative attitudes towards fundraising in order to build confidence. The conversation also addresses the "overhead myth" in the nonprofit sector and emphasizes the need to invest in staff and create a healthy organizational culture. They discuss the challenges of asking for larger donations and stress the value of building relationships and learning from others in the field. They also highlight the importance of building a culture of philanthropy within nonprofit organizations and using donor feedback to improve programs. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the need for effective fundraising strategies and the importance of transparency and accountability.


(00:00:01) Donor Trust and Nonprofit Accountability

(00:06:05) The Overhead Myth

(00:12:19) Building Confidence in Fundraising

(00:18:07) Building Relationships in Fundraising

(00:24:13) Building a Culture of Philanthropy

(00:30:47) The Challenges of Nonprofit Fundraising