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Aug 25, 2020

Welcome to the Mission Impact Podcast. This week we’re talking to Rebecca Murphy.  


We talked about: 

  • What organizations need to think about to be ready to partner 
  • Having clarity about what your why is key for partnering. 
  • Why mission creep is so common among organizations and what drives it. 

Rebecca has been a consultant for over 20 years. She considers herself an “interpreter,” as she has worked in multiple sectors including government, nonprofit, business, and philanthropy. She is adept at explaining/translating one to another. She is a generalist with a broad knowledge base – including workforce development, affordable housing, parks and placemaking. She has expertise in capacity building, organizational and program development, strategic planning, with particular expertise in public-private partnerships, community engagement, and strategic collaborations. Hers is a mission-focused practice. She is passionate about mission fidelity and avoiding mission creep. 




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