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Dec 11, 2023

In episode 87 of Mission: Impact, Carol Hamilton and June Jimenez discuss:

  • Making remote-work work for your organization

  • Juggling the complex decisions facing nonprofit leaders regarding a potential return to physical offices

  • Changing employee expectations

We explore the experiences of organizations that are fully remote, emphasizing the heightened need for intentional connection, care, and frequent virtual interactions to maintain a sense of team and culture. Nonprofits are grappling with diverse approaches, from fully embracing remote work to dealing with financial considerations and strategic implications associated with maintaining physical office spaces. We unpack the myth of culture and innovation being dependent on co-location. We also explore the particular challenges of newer employees in understanding organizational culture when working remotely, and strategies for leaders to help integrate new staff in a virtual environment. 


00:20:30: Decision-making driven by prior investments in physical office spaces

00:21:00 The myth of physical presence as a prerequisite for innovation and organizational culture

00:23:00:** Culture exists in both remote and co-located setups

00:24:30:** Younger employees challenges with integrating with organizational cultures

00:26:00:** Particular challenges for newer generations in navigating office culture remotely

00:28:30:** What leaders need to think about in terms of informal nature of information exchange in physical offices vs. remote settings.

00:29:30:** Strategies for helping new staff integrate, 

00:33:30:** Training and development for managers successful adaptation to remote work


Guest Bio:
June Jimenez  is an organizational development consultant to mission-focused organizations. June's work focuses on the people, systems, processes and technology needed to help organizations deliver their missions while experiencing tremendous change. June brings over 20 years of professional experience to each engagement gained through her work across the nonprofit, government and private sectors. June is a mother to a 10 year old rabble rouser, partner to a retired police and military professional and passionate about social justice. June received her Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and received her Executive MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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