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Jul 11, 2023

In episode 76 of Mission: Impact, Carol Hamilton and Erin Allgood discuss

  • How it’s not all on your shoulders to fix – even if it can feel that way sometimes.
  • Why each organization does not have to tackle everything – deciding what is the part of the problem that you will work on and what are you really suited to focus on – and who else is working in your space whose work complements yours is so important
  • How a theory of change can help you make decisions between the many options and directions you might go – and your many good ideas!


Guest Bio:
Erin Allgood helps organizations and individuals who give a damn create real impact. As the founder of Allgood Strategies, Erin helps socially-conscious organizations with strategic planning, organizational development, and leadership coaching. Her services focus on catalyzing social change at the systems, organizational, and individual levels.

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