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Jan 16, 2024

In episode 89 of Mission: Impact, Carol Hamilton and Miguel Guadalupe discuss

issues of generational engagement in leadership, highlighting the frequent oversight of Generation X and stressing the unique adaptability and valuable perspective that this generation brings to the table. Miguel emphasizes the necessity for Generation X to advocate for recognition in leadership roles, reflecting on a LinkedIn post that sparked a broader conversation about the career stagnation felt by many in his generation. 

Episode highlights:

Don’t Forget GenX: underrepresentation and unique contributions of Generation X in leadership and decision-making processes.

Adapting to change: how Generation X's experience with the evolution of technology equips and other big changes over their career equips them with adaptability, a valuable skill set for leadership.

Perpetual Utility player: Many of the Gen Xers who commented on Miguel’s LinkedIn post shared the feeling of  being overlooked in their professional lives.

Visibility and Advocacy: Miguel suggests that Generation X should take a lesson from Millenials and Gen Z and take a more assertive stance in advocating for their visibility and leadership opportunities.


Guest Bio:
Miguel Guadalupe is Vice President of Donor and Community Relations at The Bowery Residents' Committee, or BRC in NYC. BRC helps over 10,000 individuals a year suffering from homelessness, mental illness, and addiction with the dignity and compassion they deserve. Miguel manages donor engagement, fundraising, and event planning, as well on service as BRC liaison to local elected officials, community organizations and businesses wherever a BRC program is located. He is also Vice Chair of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, and helps to produce America's largest cultural celebration, in NYC, while helping to raise and distribute over $200K annually to students attending higher education.


Important Links and Resources:

Miguel’s viral LinkedIn post:


Miguel Guadalupe on LinkedIn:

The Bowery Residents' Committee


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