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Nov 23, 2021

In episode 36 of Mission: Impact, Carol, her guest, Anne Hilb discuss:

  • How nonprofits can best handle conflict within the organization 
  • What steps can be taken to avoid conflict before it happens
  • How to handle the hurt feelings that can linger in the wake of conflict

Guest bio:

Anne Hilb, MSOD is a community and culture architect, an expert at conflict resolution, and a champion of restorative and racial justice practices. As a community and culture architect, she partners with managers, executives, and front-line employees to repair conflict and restore trust so they can succeed and organizations can thrive. Her approach to this work is unique due to her blend of a decade of hands-on experience with more than a half-dozen degrees and certifications. Anne harnesses the power of circle and uses her deep listening skills to help build healthy workplaces. She develops deeply connected people and communities by leading with authenticity, transparency, curiosity, and care. Her work is centered around building confidence and accountability while mitigating blame, shame and guilt. When not repairing harm, working through conflict, and restoring trust, she can be found searching out the best taco, hosting circles, and spending time in nature.

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