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Jun 13, 2023

In episode 74 of Mission: Impact, Carol Hamilton and her guest, Veronica LaFemina discuss

  • Why big change initiatives often fail 

  • A map of how to get from A to B may not be sufficient

  • The role of a key leader visibly supporting the change is so key 

  • Why radio silence is a bad sign

Guest Bio:
Veronica LaFemina is Founder and CEO of LaFemina & Co., an advisory firm supporting nonprofits and social impact businesses at the intersection of strategy, culture, communications, and change management. Veronica partners with organizations and their leaders to go beyond what “looks good on paper” to focus on what works well in real life. She is a leader, strategist, facilitator, trusted advisor, and certified change management professional with nearly two decades of experience as a senior executive at national U.S. nonprofit organizations and a high-impact consultant. Her work has been featured by Inc. Magazine, the Today Show, NPR, CNN, Capterra, and in news outlets nationwide.

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