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Aug 3, 2021

In episode 28 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Peggy Hoffman discussed include:

  • How local nonprofit chapters contribute to the larger organizations
  • What implications the rise of online professional development has for local chapters.
  • Why volunteers and chapters are the heart and soul of associations and yet a somewhat neglected aspect of working in a membership organization

Guest Information:
Peggy Hoffman is president of Mariner Management, an association management company which is home to two associations and provides an array of support and training to associations and most importantly member volunteers. Peggy has provided training and counsel to dozens of global, national and local membership associations over the past 30 years. She often draws on her own team’s research on volunteerism, member communities and association innovation. Peggy not only enjoys working with association volunteers but is an active volunteer for her professional association – including serving as a chapter past president – so she’ll draw from experience on both levels. Read her full bio at and connect with Peggy on Twitter @peggyhoffman or LinkedIn. And ask her about triathlons, dance or living with three sons.
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