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Sep 22, 2020

Welcome to the MissionImpact Podcast. This week we’re talking to Arielle Goodman, Jenny Hegland and Jessica Srikantia.  

We talked about: 

  • What this uncertain moment in history could mean for the systems that we live in and   

       take for granted 

  • How we are born into a collectively traumatized culture that has a domination logic built into its systems. 
  • systemic analysis can divorce ourselves from our part in that system – as if it exists outside of us instead of us existing within these systems. 


Resources mentioned: 

  •  Otto Schwarmer and the MIT Presencing Institute 
  • Thomas Huebl 

Arielle, Jenny and Jessica are a team of colleagues that has been working together for the past six months to discover how they might be of service as a collective. Their work exists in cultivating the spaces between, such as in-between people during times of transition and not knowing, spaces within our own selves, or the connective tissue of complex systems. Together, they explore what is possible in and from wholeness. They are committed to transforming themselves into alignment with life, so that they can support this work in the broader world inclusive of and beyond their individual selves. Their areas of expertise include navigating uncharted terrain in times of uncertainty, helping systems see and sense themselves, and practicing sacred relationships with team and stakeholder groups. 




Sponsored by Grace Social Sector Consulting.