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Oct 20, 2020

Welcome to the Mission Impact Podcast. This week we’re talking to Becca Bartholomew.  


We talked about: 

  • Ensuring all voices are included in planning processes
  • Why it is important for leaders to not only have intelligence but also have emotional intelligence and somatic intelligence
  • What the buffering sign on your computer has to tell us about today’s work environment


Barry Oshrey’s Tops, Middles and Bottoms


Ladder of Inference:


Your Body is Your Brain by Amanda Blake


A facilitator and coach with expertise in organization development (OD), Becca has extensive experience working with groups and individuals to foster communication and effective collaboration among diverse stakeholders. Becca helps her clients implement strategies that increase their emotional intelligence and efficacy. She is known for her clear communication, innate ability to foster trust, and firm, yet gentle approach to helping others recognize their blind spots and engage specific tools to articulate and reach their goals. She gracefully supports her clients toward self-reflection, new learning and increased awareness of their impact on others. She works with leaders of all types and has a special passion for those newer to leadership as well as those who hold societal privilege and want to address their roles in upholding and then dismantling systems of oppression.





Sponsored by Grace Social Sector Consulting. 

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