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Mar 21, 2023

In episode 68 of Mission: Impact, Carol and her guest, Amanda Kaiser discuss:

  • How to successfully engage members

  • Why value is not the only variable you need to pay attention to

  • How to more effectively set members and volunteers up for success at each stage of engagement

Guest Bio:

Amanda Kaiser is a member...

Mar 7, 2023

In episode 67 of Mission: Impact, Carol and her guest, Rhea Wong discuss:

  • Why mindset is so important for accidental fundraisers

  • How to fundraise with your donor’s experience in mind 

  • What letting go of your script and your pitch can do for your fundraising efforts

Guest Bio:
Rhea helps nonprofits raise more...

Feb 21, 2023

In episode 66 of Mission: Impact, Carol and her guest, Katherine Turner discuss:

  • The intersections between the fields of diversity, equity and inclusion and intercultural communications

  • Some things to consider when working with a global group

  • Moving folks from awareness to action

Guest Bio:
Katherine L. Turner,...

Feb 7, 2023

In episode 65 of Mission: Impact, Carol and her guest, Lisa G. Hazirjian discuss:

  • Some common mistakes and misconceptions nonprofits have about policy advocacy
  • Simple steps to take to get to know policy makers better and build relationships
  • How to build a ladder of engagement for your supporters and volunteers


Jan 24, 2023

In episode 64 of Mission: Impact, Carol and her guest, Sarah Olivieri discuss:

  • How systemizing your processes can free up time for staff to think bigger
  • How to measure your capacity and be realistic about what is on your organizational docket
  • How to have a productive team meeting

Guest Bio:
Sarah Olivieri is a...