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Apr 23, 2024

In episode 96 of Mission: Impact, Carol Hamilton and Dr Victoria Boyd discuss

  • The misconceptions about starting a nonprofit

  • Why a program logic model is a better place to start for new organizations than a business plan

  • Some of the key questions nonprofit founders need to ask themselves as they get started.

Episode highlights:


07:34  - Common Misconceptions about Starting Nonprofits what to focus on instead


16:22- The Logic Model as the heart beat of the organization 


25:29- **Defining your Unique Value Proposition 


27:39 Building shared leadership intentionally 


Guest Bio:
Dr. Victoria Boyd

Author, Trainer, Consultant, and founder of The Philantrepreneur Foundation. Host of the Nonprofit Corner Podcast.


Important Links and Resources:

The Philantrepreneur Foundation -

Nonprofit Corner Podcast:

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