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Dec 15, 2020

In episode 11 of Mission: Impact, some of the topics that Carol and her guest, Elizabeth Woolfe, discussed include:

  • The importance of an interim director for organizations
  • The process of transitioning and the strain that puts on an organization
  • The importance of having a plan in place for when your leader leaves
  • Growth mindset with Boards
  • What the role of the Board and the role of the staff are in an organization and how those differ
  • The importance of taking breaks for yourself


Guest Information: 

Elizabeth Woolfe is a lifelong nonprofit professional with expertise in affecting strategic change and facilitating growth for organizations, as well as in assisting boards and organizations through transitions. She also has strength in building philanthropic relationships between nonprofit and for-profit companies, facilitating collaborations, and program development. Her particular areas of interest are interim leadership, management of organizations and boards, strategic assessment, organizational development, board functionality, and relationship building.