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Nov 9, 2021

In episode 35 of Mission: Impact, Carol, her cohost, Peter Cruz, and their guest, Nathaniel Benjamin discuss diversity, equity and inclusion and its intersection with human capital management. This episode is a release of a podcast Carol planned to start with her son-in-law and has many transferrable ideas and concepts to the nonprofit sector. We talk about:

  • Where and where not to situate DEI initiatives and staff in your organization 
  • The value of the stay interview vs the exit interview
  • The importance of data in fostering healthy cultures of inclusion and belonging

Guest bio:
Nathaniel Benjamin approaches the space of Diversity and Inclusion as not only a profession, but as a passion that’s taken hold of his life’s work.  As a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, University of Baltimore and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, his educational endeavors led him into a marketable career in Human Resources -- working in the C-suite level --managing workforce planning, strategy, policy and talent management.  But to “really” understand how an organization works, he later found that you must understand its people… the diversity of those who make an organization thrive.  He brings 17 years of experience as an organizational Change Agent and a D&I Strategist, ready to exceed your organizational needs.


Nathaniel Benjamin:



Peter J. Cruz: