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May 17, 2022

In episode 48 of Mission: Impact, Carol and her guest, Chyla Graham discuss:

  • Why it is key to understand context when you are looking at your organization’s context
  • How to best connect your financial goals to your organizational goals
  • What you need to be mindful of as a board member, even if you don’t consider yourself a financial expert.

Guest Bio:
Chyla Graham is a certified public accountant with over ten years of experience helping nonprofit organizations realign and thrive. Chyla started her company, CNRG Accounting Advisory, to empower more nonprofit organizations. To date, she has secured over $2 million in funding for several organizations and helped many more streamline to better serve their communities. Chyla credits flying trapeze for keeping her physically and mentally strong, and reminding her that you can’t succeed in life alone. Every trapeze artist needs someone to be “on line” holding the ropes. Chyla likes that metaphor for trapeze and for business, and her greatest pride is being “on line” for her clients.

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