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Apr 9, 2024

In episode 95 of Mission: Impact, Carol Hamilton and Emily Taylor discuss

  • the challenges nonprofit CEOs face as they become victims of their own success. 

  • how nonprofit leaders can become disconnected from their community as their organization grows

  • how when an organization is overly associated with the CEO, this can result in a culture of dependence and bottleneck decision-making 

Episode Highlights

[11:15] Recognizing Organizational Dependence 

how nonprofits become overly dependent on a charismatic CEO and how this can stifle organizational growth and sustainability.


[20:56] Strategic Reflection Before Planning 

nonprofits should engage in reflective practices to understand their true challenges before embarking on strategic planning.


[23:03] Gaining Objective Insights 

the benefit of having an outsider's perspective to identify common goals and values among staff that may be clouded by internal bias or jargon.

[33:02] The Human Aspect of Leadership 

leaders must view themselves as humans with limitations, which can foster a healthier organizational culture and enable growth beyond the capabilities of a single individual.


Guest Bio:
Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor works with nonprofit leaders who are ready to catapult their organizations into their next stage of growth by shifting their decision-making from intuitive to intentional. Leaders who seek Emily’s expertise are not only frustrated with the typical strategic planning process but don’t feel fully informed to make big, long-term decisions. Instead, she first grounds the organization in ‘who they are’ to help them prioritize the challenges that lie ahead.

To achieve this, Emily applies her individualized strategic listening methodology with an organization's community, allowing teams to 'see their value' and align their decision-making as an organization, not just the CEO. She helps them find a planning process that fits their needs, not something that is out of the box, which is why most organizations get frustrated with strategic planning!

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