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Jul 12, 2022

In episode 52 of Mission: Impact, Carol and her guest, David Pisarek discuss:

  • How to use a website to grow your organization
  • What calls to action to add to your website
  • How to be consistent and modernize your online presence

Guest Bio:
David is an award-winning web and digital solutions architect, designer and project manager with extensive industry experience focusing on education, not-for-profit, politics, healthcare, and government. An expert in his field, David worked full-time at Durham College for 11 years (seven of those while working at UOIT too). It was in that role where David performed the redesigns and programming and ran training sessions for over 100 staff. As a result of those years, David understands the internal processes and functioning of post-secondary institutions. He also worked as a professor and guest lecturer at Seneca College and Durham College where he taught web design, graphic design, computer science, and web development. And he developed the Web Design curriculum at a private, corporate training facility.

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